Machine Reconditioning
We have the facility of reconditioning of machines. We disassemble all the machine parts check for its condition .Old used parts are replaced by new parts and lubrications will be checked throughout the machines to ensure optimum working condition of the machine. We make sure that your machine is reconditioned as good as new. Reconditioning enhances the performance and productivity of your machines making it more.
Benefits to Clients
  • Increased life of Machine
  • Gain in productivity of your machine
  • Enhanced performance of your machine.
  • Increased Reliability
  • Better Quality of products
Services offered by Machine Reconditioning
  • Overhauling
  • Scrapping/ Grinding of guide ways and slide ways.
  • Replacement of Jibs , wedges, keeper plate etc.
  • Replacement of Ball Screw, nuts and support bearings.
  • Servicing and Overhauling of Coolant , Hydraulic , lubrication, filtering, conveying and pneumatic systems.
  • Overhauling of main spindle Assembly
  • Overhauling of Tail Stock. Turret , ATC, Chuck, Tool holder etc.
  • Overhauling/Replacement of Telescopic covers.
  • Dismantling reassembling painting